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burmistrz Giżycka, Wojciech Karol Iwaszkiewicz

Czas pozytywnych zmian!

Welcome to Giżycko

There can be no doubt that Giżycko is truly extraordinary, a place ideal both for living and taking your leisure. Come here to catch the wind in your sails, to face new challenges and recharge your batteries for the entire week. The town is situated on a remarkable strip of land surrounded by water on all sides, cut through by three canals and perched on the shores of Lake Kisajno and Lake Niegocin. Nowhere else will you find better conditions for sailing, ice boating or ice surfing. And now you can really take a deep breath: not only because the town’s huge potential offers numerous opportunities for growth and self-actualisation. Our air is simply of top quality. You can really breathe here because Masurian air is exceptional. Exceptionally clean. You might also be interested to learn that Giżycko enjoys a lot of sunshine; indeed, we have many fewer rainy days than our neighbours. Some claim this is due to the lakes, which give off steam and thus create a special microclimate in the area. Others argue that it is the town’s residents, whose warm welcome and great hospitality are responsible for this. No doubt both theories are correct…

We pride ourselves on being home to one of the largest garrisons in Poland and one of the seven Olympic training centres used by top Polish athletes. Giżycko is home to the most creative people in the world!
We are particularly proud of our sailors – world champions Janek Małecki and Julia Szmit – as well as many talented young athletes. I firmly believe that we live in a truly wonderful place. Come visit Giżycko to meet its exceptional people and discover the secrets of a picturesque town at the heart of the Great Masurian Lake District, considered by many as the most beautiful region in Europe and one of the most enchanting corners of the world.

Wojciech Karol Iwaszkiewicz
Mayor of Giżycko


We invite you to Giżycko!

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